Young Harrison Ford is the star of ‘Solo’ thanks to Deepfake AI technology

A Star Wars fan has uploaded incredible footage which swapped out Alden Ehrenreich’s face with Harrison Ford’s face in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

They used ‘Deepfake’ technology, which is an Artifical Intelligence program that combines existing images and footage onto another video.

In this case, footage of young Harrison Ford’s face was placed over Alden Ehrenreich’s face so that expressions remained the same but the faces were different.

This technology has been used before when Buzzfeed surprised everyone with a fake Barack Obama saying things he would not normally say.

While the swap is not always as seamless, it has become increasingly harder to tell whether the videos have been altered and this swap is done incredibly well.

So well that people are calling for the whole movie to be replaced with Harrison Ford’s face.

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