Featured Image for These inflatables make it look like there’s a sea monster attack in Philadelphia

These inflatables make it look like there’s a sea monster attack in Philadelphia

Safe to say that you should probably not go in there.

Over at Philadelphia’s Navy Yard, street artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas have put up a huge installation that makes it appear as if a giant sea monster is trying to get out of a two-story warehouse.

The piece, entitled Sea Monsters HERE, is the biggest inflatable sculpture made by the UK-based duo to date. It features colourful tentacles measuring 32 to 40 feet emerging from the structure’s windows, and curling up towards the sky.

Sea Monsters HERE

It’s so big that passengers on flights going into Philly can see it from above. Another amusing tidbit: it was presented last week exactly on National Octopus Day.

Sea Monsters HERE

Luker and Estrellas partnered with Navy Yard and art collective Group X to make the project possible.

“Earlier this year, Group X pitched us on doing this piece,” said Jennifer Tran, director of Navy Yard marketing and communications. “Out of all the designs, this one spoke to us because we thought it was really unique. It’s never been seen before in Philadelphia. We thought it really pushed the boundaries.”

“We’re aiming to make artwork enjoyable for all,” added Group X. “We want to break through the proverbial, and, in this case physical, walls that can too often keep people from feeling invited into the arts world.”

Sea Monsters HERE

Sea Monsters HERE will be open to the public until Friday, November 16, at Building 611.

Sea Monsters HERE

Sea Monsters HERE

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