Featured Image for Creepy kidnapper van in NYC is put on Airbnb for $69/night

Creepy kidnapper van in NYC is put on Airbnb for $69/night

When visiting New York City, why stay at The Plaza when you can stay in someone’s van parked on the streets of Soho?

Listed on Airbnb for a modest $69 per night, the “Vintage Custom Van in Soho” is smack bang in the middle of one of New York’s trendiest neighbourhoods and within walking distance of the World Trade Center.

The van is valet-parked at a mystery location within Soho and is “hosted” on Airbnb by a Swedish screenwriter named Meng. No, this isn’t an elaborate joke.

It comes with a sofa bed, “lots of natural light” and guest passes to a local gym (with a pool and showers). When it comes to a bathroom, you’ll have to rely on nearby stores.

That’s right, people. If you want the #vanlife, you better be prepared to rough it a little. Even in NYC.

Meng outlines visitor expectations in his Airbnb description:

Van-life is for those who embrace adventure and have no problem roughing it, to have a new and memorable experience. Like camping, the elements can be a factor. Be prepared for street-parking atmosphere, and to use restrooms that can be found nearby.” 

“Ideal guests approach van-life with an open mind, a sense of humor, and a fun attitude. Last minute bookings are welcome!”

Please, no parties, no pets and no smoking. But do you want to know the biggest kicker? There’s absolutely no driving allowed.

Complimentary earplugs are supplied on arrival. You can check out the listing here if you’re feeling up for an adventure.

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