Georgie savaged Karl on-air about his “sacking” and things got awkward…

Georgie have mercy, the man has children!

Reports emerged in late September that the Nine Network is looking to sack the doyen of morning TV, Karl Stefanovic, from his role as a co-host of the Today show.

The program has been plagued by a steady stream of tensions following Stefanovic’s rant to his brother, Peter, about his colleagues.

According to the report, Stefanovic would not return for 2019.

Which makes this exchange, all the more savage.


In a typically hard-hitting moment, Stefanovic wondered whether he needs to have his “eyebrows done” – to be honest, this doesn’t seem like it should be number one on your list of priorities, Karl – which Gardner initially offered herself to be “the woman for the job”.

As you might expect, jokes ensured with the pair each offering plays on “wax”, before Karl opened the door to his doom.

“If you want to see that on Monday morning, Georgie waxes Karl, send us an email,” Karl told viewers.

“Oh… whacks, as in, whacks?” Georgie joked.

“Not axe!”

“Apparently you’ve already been axed.”

For what it’s worth, Karl appeared to take the joke reasonably well, but it’s yet another reminder – as if you needed one – that you simply do not mess with Georgie Gardner.

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