Featured Image for Watch: Robert Robert’s visuals for his new single ‘Nobody Breaches Our Stasis’

Watch: Robert Robert’s visuals for his new single ‘Nobody Breaches Our Stasis’

More than a year after the release of his EP Welcome To Finetown, Montreal producer Robert Robert has returned with a new five-track EP called How To Save Water.

The EP, which includes the coming-of-age track Nobody Breaches Our Stasis, is described by the artist as “an instruction manual to facilitate water recovery in a life that tends to leak. He explains further:

“Since a lot of things happened in clubs and in cars with friends that shouldn’t be driving, it translated instrumentally into something sometimes hectic, sometimes very light, sometimes very heavy or into surprises and even very personal texts… And bass. Lots of it.

“The songs talk about what humans say and do, conversations and moments that defined my coming of age, half-conscious thoughts about what my entourage is going through and what the universe tells me.

“My goal with How To Save Water was to remember that we must not forget to grow as human beings and not only ask ourselves questions but also find answers. These are all things that I forgot and put aside as I was always out, partying or following streetlights like a moth. This EP is for them, the moths.”

We spoke a bit more with Robert Robert to learn more about his upcoming EP. Check it out:

Please tell us a bit more about yourself. How did you get started as an electronic producer?

“I started making electronic music when I was 13 years old. I was kind of a loner during that time and I didn’t like music lessons so I guess it was a way for me to make music without having to do stuff I found boring like scales and such.

“I got a little more serious when I was sixteen and I discovered music like Skream! and Benga and all the parties that came with it. I really wanted to be the person playing the music and making it. I guess I’ve just kept going ever since.”

How would you describe your music?

“I mean, it’s hard to describe your own music, especially since it changed a lot over time. If I take a step back, I think my music generally is always heavily dance-influenced, lots of airy synths and deep basslines. Friends told me they thought it is ‘candid’.

“Also now that I write and sing, it really has become more a way to tell stories, the instrumental being a reflection of my environment. Something like that.”

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first song from “how to save water” is out! glad i can share it with you, hope it floats your boat 🌊🌊 special thanks to @ouri.riou for the amazing work on the song and @xaviercyr for the beautiful visuals ✨

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The music video for Nobody Breaches Our Stasis is certainly unlike anything we’ve seen before. Could you tell us more about it?

“It’s about being in a bubble. The kind that feels like a dream where the logic of things doesn’t matter for a moment and everything is in some kind of chaotic harmony. Also, some people like to watch movies outside in the forest at night and I feel those people are not properly represented.”

What was the inspiration for your new EP How to Save Water? And how is it different from last year’s EP Welcome to Finetown?

“So, Welcome To Finetown was a dance record, with dance tunes. When I made it, I wanted to make music. I was thinking about creating songs. In How To Save Water, it was really about telling the story, sharing the feeling. The music came with less reflection and more purpose. I was inspired by people, moments, and thoughts. I wanted to praise life.”

What should your listeners expect from How To Save Water?

“A bossa nova track.”

Robert Robert’s How To Save Water drops October 26 via Nowadays Records. You can find out more about it here.

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