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Dad mows his lawn thrice a day to win Britain’s best lawn award

That’s 21 hours a week for three months, 273 hours in total.

41-year-old Keith Smith from Birmingham recently competed at the Creative Lawn Strips Competition – a contest to find Britain’s best grass – and won for the third consecutive time.

His winning designs depicts a complex geometric pattern that you’d imagine seeing on anything but a patch of lawn.

Getting the victory wasn’t a walk in the park for the so-called Garden Wizard. To get the right cut, he had to use an antique mower from the 1940s. Then he had to mow three hours a day during a heatwave last June and July.

“I watered it a lot too obviously,” said Keith. “At one stage I thought I was going to have to let it go but I kept on watering on. If there’d had been a hosepipe ban it would have been a disaster.

“I’m sure there are thousands of lawns which were wrecked – but not mine.”

And what does he do when he’s not tending his yard? He tends other people’s yards! He works as a groundsman for Edgbaston Golf Club, proving that there really is such a thing as work-life balance.

“Mowing my lawn is my passion,” he added. “I like keeping myself to myself, I don’t drink or smoke, and my wife and kids are my world, but this keeps me fit and healthy.

“My wife and kids don’t go on the lawn because they’re so concerned they’ll trample my creation.”

Congrats, Keith!

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