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Mermaids appear at LA laundromat to surprise customers

From mundane to magical.

In her latest installation, entitled Ida, artist Olivia Erlanger surprises laundry-doers by adding a fantastical element to what would otherwise be a routine task.

Made in collaboration with contemporary art gallery Mother Culture, the project depicts iridescent life-size tails dangling from washing machines at Laundry Zone in Arlington Heights, Los Angeles.

Ida by Olivia Erlanger

With the curious installation, Erlanger hopes that the “mundanity of the everyday can be fractured for a moment,” as well as give unsuspecting customers something to reflect on. She elaborated:

“I’m interested in mermaids as a kind of pre-gender or genderless archetype, a representation of a chimeric existence that I feel we each take on as different environmental pressures effect a transformation of sorts.

“When they are presented as female, mermaids bring up many questions of mobility, not only in a physical sense, but also ones around agency. Ariel, for example, gave up her voice to walk on land.”

Ida by Olivia Erlanger

You can see more of Olivia Erlanger and her work here.

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