‘The Bachelor’ finalists takes revenge as Nick Cummins gets mercilessly roasted on ‘HYBPA’

The shocking twist to the ending of Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ The Bachelor left many people confused and angry.

This also left, not one, but two heartbroken women at the end of the show.

As a tradition, the one left without a rose at the end of the episode goes on Have you been paying attention? to dissect the latest episode.

Of course, since both women were rejected, they both came on the show to ask the HYBPA‘s contestants trivia questions about the show.

It’s not uncommon for the evictee to be roasted, and this certainly happened for the two women, but the spotlight for this segment was the mocking of the ‘Honey Badger’ himself.

The contestants produced hilarious zingers to the still single bachelor which left the two heartbroken women in stitches.

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