Mark Ruffalo goes unhinged and “spoils” the ending of Avengers 4 on Jimmy Fallon

Mark Ruffalo has done it again…well sort of.

Marvel has been keeping an eye on Mark Ruffalo ever since he very publically dropped a spoiler for the ending of Avengers: Infinity War with Don Cheadle who freaked out next to him.

The ‘Hulk’ actor appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon where Fallon tried to coax him to drop spoilers for the upcoming Avengers movie that had just been filmed, taking advantage of his spoiler revealing nature.

He managed to get not only the ending but also the name of the movie we have all been calling ‘Avengers 4’.

This was all a skit of course, as the show had ‘bleeped’ out almost all of the story and the entire name.

But this didn’t stop the Russo Brothers to hilariously “fire” him on Twitter for his “slip up” on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

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