Featured Image for This beautiful lamp can balance itself into any position you like

This beautiful lamp can balance itself into any position you like

It also perfectly balances form and function.

South London-based duo Oliver and Greta Chambers of premium brand Herston have launched a self-balancing wooden desk lamp that combines high-performance technology with a classic modernist design.

Oliver, a former designer at Dyson, crafted the desk lamp with a clever counter-balance so it can smoothly and effortlessly adjust to any position you like. You won’t even need to loosen or tighten screws, or make complicated adjustments.

“Once you move it, it just stays there,” the couple said.

The innovative design also features natural materials carved into an elegant and sculptural silhouette, which also conceals any unsightly cables from the base to the head.

Paired with LED technology that can be brightened or dimmed to suit any lighting task, the heirloom-quality lamp should be great for both home and office.

“The effect of this is a lamp that’s full of character, drawing people in to interact and play with the forms it can create,” added Oliver and Greta.

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One day till our Kickstarter launch! So all you need to decide now is which colour… Oak and Off-white or American Walnut & Black. (? by @ellisparrinder)

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The Herston desk lamp is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, almost nearing its funding goal of US$13,037 (AUS$18,137) just a day after it was unveiled.

We recently spoke to Oliver to know more about his unique take on the conventional desk lamp. Take a look:

Where did you get the idea for a self-balancing desk lamp?

“I’ve been obsessed with desk lamps since I was a boy and even have my great grandmother’s original Anglepoise from the 1950s!

“Most high -performance task lights on the market today are overtly technical and have a harsh industrial aesthetic. Other lamps do exist but they often sacrifice functionality to achieve a certain ‘look’. For example, you might need to tighten/loosen a nut every time you want to adjust it.

“The idea behind our lamp is to combine high performance with the warmth of natural materials to create a classic and useful design that works in both the home and the office.”

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With a family heritage in cabinet making and antiques, Oliver’s appreciation for craftsmanship and natural materials have led him to introduce more traditional and long-lasting processes into his recent design practice. #meetthemakers / ? by @dunjaopalko

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It must have been hard developing such an innovative product. How long did it take for you to go from concept to finished item?

“I actually built the proof-of-principle model out of some friend’s LEGO Technic way back in 2009! It worked well straight away and I knew I was onto something but had little time to devote to it.

“The idea never really left my mind though and in 2015 we pulled out the old models and decided to commit to making the product a reality. I developed the technical aspects and evolved the industrial design with Greta, my wife and creative partner.

“We soon had a layout that we were really pleased with and since then it’s been an iterative process to get all the details just right and turn it into a commercial product.”

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The view from behind. #lampdetail

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Also, how many prototypes did you have to go through? And what was the biggest challenge you encountered?

“We’ve now made around eight full prototypes (including the LEGO one!), but most of the individual parts have been made many more times to get things just right and select the correct manufacturing processes.

“One of the biggest challenges has been that we are pushing the boundaries of what people generally do with wood on this kind of product. We’ve really had to innovate our methods of production as well as the design of the lamp itself. There are some quite complicated engineering details needed to make it look so simple from the outside!”

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The view from above #herstondesklamp

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What’s your vision for Herston? Can you give us a hint of what other products you’re planning on releasing in the future?

“We believe that combining genuinely useful innovation with timeless, high-quality design is something that the world needs more of. Once we have delivered our first run of desk lamps, we are keen to build on the idea with a larger lighting range.

“However, we do not want to be known as a lighting company. The vision for Herston is to apply our design ethos to any objects where we feel there’s an opportunity to create engaging products that people are proud to own and hold onto for years to come.”

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The combination of solid oak or walnut, brass and cast-iron gives our lamp a warm & classic aesthetic perfect for the home or office. #herstondesklamp (? by @ellisparrinder)

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You can pre-order the Herston desk lamp by heading over to their Kickstarter page.