Featured Image for Funeral home gives away USB flash drives that look like caskets

Funeral home gives away USB flash drives that look like caskets

They can’t save your life, but they can save your files.

St. Peter Life Plan, a deathcare service provider in the Philippines, has come up with a promotion that people are loving to death.

For customers who avail of their services, they give away free USB flash drives that resemble mini caskets. The items even come in two colours: white and hot pink.

According to Facebook user Allen Jed Borromeo, he came across the USBs through his aunt, who works at St. Peter. He then shared a photo of the flash drives on social media over the weekend, and it instantly went viral.

“[I] saw it as a funny and unique thing,” said Borromeo. “Personalized USBs are not new to us but why [is it that] nobody has ever think (sic) of this kind of design?”

He also had a few tagline ideas, including: “Die now, save your files later,” and “Your files are secured, and so is your death.”

Ha ha, those are pretty good. But hopefully, we won’t be availing of St. Peter’s services any time soon!

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