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How this award-winning Aussie designer makes a living by recycling broken surfboards

In partnership with our friends at Glenmorangie, we present the final episode in the We Are The World We Create podcast series, dedicated to celebrating those people, and their exceptional creations, that help make the world a more interesting place. In the final episode, we sit down with surfer and designer (what a combo!), Chris Anderson, who is pioneering both his love of the ocean and the importance of sustainability.

After seeing the vast number of broken surfboards going into landfill, Chris Anderson knew he needed to act.

Using his knowledge of both surfing and design, Anderson started working on a solution. As a result, in 2013, Ecto HandPlanes was born.

Created using recycled broken surfboards, Ecto Handplanes are small accessories that allow bodysurfers to effortlessly cruise through waves.

Anderson and his team have won numerous awards in Australia and across the world for the unique design and shape of the handplanes, which bodysurfers can strap to their hands to ‘hydroplane’ over the water with ease.

Ecto Handplanes combines an original, innovative idea while saving thousands of surfboards from ending up in landfill across Australia.

The pressure on companies to reduce their carbon footprint and question their sustainability has been huge following the release of documentaries the likes of Blue Planet II, which highlights the impact of plastic waste and overflowing landfill.

Anderson’s dedication to recycling surfboards demonstrates how much use we can get out of the things we throw away.

While it may be considered unfair to expect older companies to suddenly change their whole creative process and materials, it is vital for organisations to recognise their impact on the environment and take steps to reduce their carbon footprints.

The Glenmorangie Company, despite being over 125 years old, is a leader among older companies looking to minimise their environmental impact.

Dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, the company is not only continuously reassessing their processes to find new ways to save the environment, but further insists the same level of care from suppliers and customers.

The value of sustainability from a company over a century old proves there is no excuse to not take steps to create a more sustainable environment for your business.

The creation of companies such as Ecto Handplanes, with individuals like Chris Anderson at the helm, is vital to reduce the massive impact society’s wasteful habits are having on the environment.

There is no limit to what companies can do to help the environment with the right level of commitment, and Anderson demonstrates this on a daily basis with the success of Ecto Handplanes.

Listen to what makes Ecto Handplanes an award-winning concept in our podcast series, We Are The World We Create, which focuses on some of the most important values and concepts for 21st-century businesses.

The pressure for businesses to make a change is stronger than ever, and Anderson showcases why he is leading the charge as he discusses the inspirational story behind how he created an award-winning, eco-friendly company.

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