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Photographer celebrates her son’s autism with a Jurassic Park inspired shoot

Being photographed isn’t always a comfortable experience. For many, the take-photos-of-everything-Insta-life is a foreign and horrifying concept (that’s right, not everyone owns a selfie stick).

But for young Levi Bishop, son of photographer Samantha Bishop, there’s a little more to it than just a skewed belief that his face looks wider in photos.

Levi has autism, which simply put means he sees the world through a special and unique lens, one which can make the ‘usual’ seem not so usual.

Eye contact, for example, is commonly more difficult for those with autism, and certainly makes smiling on demand strange and uncomfortable. In a post to her photography Facebook page, Bishop says:

“…Levi is autistic and hates his pictures taken. He always says “I don’t know what to do with my face.”

This is problematic when it comes time for family photos. Bishop, who says her children (Levi has a sister, Lola), love Jurassic Park, decided that she would cater to her son’s needs by letting him wear a T-Rex suit for the photoshoot.

“Absolutely no regrets”, she says. And we can see why. The photos are not only very funny, but remind us that being different is a beautiful thing and should be encouraged and celebrated.

Bishop continues:

“While many people don’t see why his autism or other special needs have anything to do with this shoot, I think many will. This is him in his element. There are no forced smiles, no bribery, no pretend happiness. This is the goofy, hilarious, kindhearted boy I was given.”

Here they are!

Photo credit: Roaming Magnolias Photography