Featured Image for Here are the finalists for the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Here are the finalists for the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

It’s bear-y entertaining. No, seriously, you’ll have a hoot!

The finalists of the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (CWPA) have been revealed and their entries are even more entertaining than you’d expect.

Though only on its third year, the competition now receives thousands of entries from around the world. This year, the judges narrowed them down to the 41 most priceless candid creature captures, which include lizards having a cuddle, a squirrel doing splits, and lions telling awful dad jokes.

Caught in the Act. Photo: Mary McGowan

According to wildlife photographers and conservation enthusiasts Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, they came up with the award to fill a gap in the professional photography scene. They wanted something “light-hearted, upbeat, possibly unpretentious and mainly about wildlife doing funny things.”

But there’s a serious side to the competition too. The CWPA promotes and supports the conservation group, Born Free Foundation, who work to preserve and protect wildlife around the world.

“We want you to take up our banner of wildlife conservation, bang the drum, beat the cymbal and make some noise, we need to spread the word – wildlife, as we know it, is in danger, all over the world and we need to do something to help save it,” the two founders said.

Should Have Gone To Specsavers. Photo:Michael Lane

Go ahead and cast your vote here. You’ll have a chance to win an iPad for your trouble (though really it’s no trouble at all to scroll through all 41 funny finalist entries).

The winners will be announced on November 15.

Honeymoon Is Over. Photo: Christopher Schlaf

Peek-a-boo. Photo: Shane Keena

Rhino Peacock. Photo: Kallol Mukherjee

Coastal Brown Bear Cub with headache. Photo: Danielle D’Ermo

Have a Headache. Photo: Maureen Toft

The Black Skimmer Gang. Photo: Ke Quiang Ruan