Featured Image for Denver airport pokes fun at conspiracy theories with clever construction signs

Denver airport pokes fun at conspiracy theories with clever construction signs

Don’t believe what they say. They’re just trying to throw us off!

For years, Denver International Airport (DIA) has been the subject of countless conspiracy theories, ranging from the absurd (that it contains an Illuminati headquarters) to the batshit crazy (that lizard people live in its secret underground tunnels).

Now, airport officials are addressing those rumours – well, sort of – via a series of humorous construction signs.


DIA is in the midst of a US650 million (about AUS$890 million) renovation of its Great Hall, and it has put up temporary construction walls everywhere. But instead of the usual, “sorry for the inconvenience” sign, they ask about the New World Order, gargoyles, and zombie cat lairs.

One sign reads, “What’s happening behind this wall?” then offers three options, “A. Gargoyle breeding grounds. B. A top secret freemason meeting. C. An improved airport experience.”

Another asks, “Cool new areas to hang out or Area 52?”


Made in partnership with marketing agency Karsh Hagan, the clever promotion comes with a website, called DENFiles.com, where visitors can “learn the truth” about the renovation – and not the hoaxes.

Conspiracy theorists can still speculate on what is happening behind those walls, as the Great Hall doesn’t finish construction until late 2021.





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