Enough: a cathartic film about giving in to our strange impulses

Would it be weird to admit that we can relate to every one of these?

In her stop-motion film, entitled Enough, filmmaker Anna Mantzaris explores the impulses we all feel but never act upon.

Made during her first year at the Royal College of Art, the humorous animated short presents a series of everyday moments wherein people finally snap and act upon their inner desires – even though it’s wrong and bizarre.

For instance, a man screams in frustration during a boring meeting, while a woman pushes two others down the stairs for walking too slow.

Enough by Anna Mantzaris

Mantzaris came up with the concept for the film shortly after moving to London. She’d noticed that people were a bit tense, as if they had so many things bottled up inside, so many emotions suppressed.

Enough is what would happen if everyone just loses it.

“I wanted the audience to feel a bit cathartic,” Mantzaris told Lost At E Minor. “To feel like that’s something that they always wanted to do, and to enjoy and relate seeing someone finally doing it. I wanted the audience to laugh but also feel a bit horrible at the same time.”

Check out the rest of our interview with the Swedish filmmaker below wherein she talks more about the making-of Enough.

Enough by Anna Mantzaris

Where did you get the idea for Enough?

“Originally I wanted to make a short film about someone that is getting enough and some sort of small-scale rebelling, but I could not really find one story that felt right.

“So instead this turned into showing many small moments where people get enough. I liked the idea that it’s different people and scenarios, that you just visit as an audience, and that the consequences are up to the viewers to imagine.

“Looking back I think a lot of the inspiration came from moving to London, where there are so many people that look a bit out of place in their suits, I started to imagine what they felt inside and what they really wanted to do.”

We really liked the film’s visual style. You had all these cute characters with so much aggression. Could you briefly take us through the creative process of bringing these characters to life?

“I also wanted them to feel soft in contrast to their less soft actions. And I wanted them to feel a bit uncomfortable and awkward, the way that we can sometimes feel when we feel uneasy in a social or public situation.

“I was really limited with time when I was making this film, so I made just a few characters, and then for new scenes, I changed their clothes and hairstyle. There was no time to make all the individual characters needed for the whole film. If you look closely I’m sure you can recognize some faces.”

Enough by Anna Mantzaris

Also, how long did it take you to make the film? What was the most challenging part?

“The film took in total a little more than five months, from the initial idea to the finished film. Once I had the initial idea I started with brainstorming scenes and I had to choose just a few that I thought would fit best together and in this format.

“Then I did an animatic, a timed storyboard. And then making the puppets and sets, animate everything and do the post-production. I think the most challenging was that I wanted much more time to do this project!”

Enough was so relatable, especially the one where someone kicks a stroller (LOL). Was this your intention all along, to get the audience to recognise their impulses?

“I wanted the audience to feel a bit cathartic. To feel like that’s something that they always wanted to do, and to enjoy and relate seeing someone finally doing it. I wanted the audience to laugh but also feel a bit horrible at the same time.”

Enough by Anna Mantzaris

A bit unrelated, but we just have to ask, you also worked Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs in-between working on Enough. What was that like?

“It was fun! And also the total opposite from working at Enough. I had a break from working on Enough and went to work almost four months on Isle of Dogs, and then came back to finish the last bits on Enough.

Enough was almost like a one-man band, I had a little bit of help but did most of it on my own. And on Wes Anderson’s film there where hundreds of people working on it, everyone with their own specialty.

“So it was a really fun contrast, and it was amazing working in that environment with all the beautiful sets and puppets and talented people. The only thing was that I wanted such a team for my film as well, haha.”

What are you working on next?

“I have just finished my graduation film Good Intentions which will premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in October. It’s more of a drama thriller and not so funny.

“I have also just been signed by Passio Pictures as a director so I hope that will bring some fun projects. I’m gonna take it a bit easy after two really intense years, and then start to think about my new personal projects. Maybe I’ll do something funny again.”

Enough by Anna Mantzaris

You can learn more about Anna Mantzaris and her work here.