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Watch a cannabis shop worker use a bong to fight off robbers

Probably not the kind of ‘hit’ the crooks were expecting.

In Ontario, Canada, a hero bravely fought off a bunch of would-be robbers from their cannabis dispensary using a bong. A FREAKIN’ BONG, YOU GUYS.

CCTV footage of the incident shows the store’s employees minding their own business for the first half of the video when the four thugs come storming in. Armed with canisters of bear spray, they tell the workers to “GET THE F*CK DOWN!”

But instead, the hero brandishes a giant bong and swings at his assailants, eventually scaring them away.

The police later lauded the clerk on Facebook, describing his act of bravery as “great resistance.” They are still trying to find the whereabouts of the suspects.

This isn’t the first time a shop employee has used one of his or her own products as a weapon. In 2016, a woman fended off a robber by throwing dildos at him.

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