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Classic novels are now on Instagram Stories to get more people to read

Now you have a good reason to spend more time on social media.

The New York Public Library has launched an innovative new program called Insta Novels. Made in partnership with creative agency Mother, the initiative involves publishing novels on Instagram Stories to “make some of the world’s most classic pieces of literature more accessible to the masses.”

Taking part in the program is easy – and you won’t need a library card to join.

Simply go to the New York Public Library’s Instagram account and check out their selected works on Stories’ highlights section. Click on any one of the titles, and you’ll be greeted by specially-designed graphics and animations accompanying the text.

As per usual, you can stay on a page by holding your thumb down, then move on to the next by lifting it. In addition, there’s also a marker on the lower right corner to indicate where to place your thumb so it won’t block your view.

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The @nypl presents Insta Novels. Classic stories told on Instagram Stories. The first is the wonderful novel "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" #InstaNovels #nypl

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The first book in the Insta Novels collection is Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, with more books to follow, such as Charlotte Perkins’ The Yellow Wallpaper and Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.

You can head on over here to learn more.

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