Pauline Hanson wants to legit “kick” 9-year-old schoolgirl who protested the national anthem

One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, can’t help but get involved with anything that challenges the country’s national identity.

This time around its a nine-year-old school girl from Brisbane.

Harper Nielsen stood up for her beliefs when she made a peaceful protest to not stand up for the national anthem during the school assembly.

She believes that the anthem is not inclusive of the Indigenous Australians as the song sings “we are young and free”, which dismisses the fact that the Indigenous Australians have been in Australia for a much longer time than us and suffer systemic disadvantages.

Nielsen also has a problem with the song promoting a white Australia.

Pauline Hanson has released a video which slams the schoolgirl for not respecting the national anthem and also blames the parents for brainwashing a little girl who has no grasp of history yet.

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