Featured Image for Adult Swim’s fun new video game is about a dad who dabs

Adult Swim’s fun new video game is about a dad who dabs

A dad. Who dabs. Need we say more?

Adult Swim has released a new video game that, get this, lets you be a dad who is cool enough to know what dabbing is.

In Smash n Dab, you get to play a dad who has to clean out the garage. You enlist the help of some kids, who will then throw pieces of junk at you. But instead of getting mad at them for making a mess, you effin’ dab. Your dab is so good that it cuts the junk into pieces, earning you points in the process.

Even better, the more you dab, the more swag you get, such as shutter shades, an aura of fire emoji, a clock necklace, and a Supreme hat with “Dad” written on it.

Smash n Dab

In an interview with Digg, creator Herring discussed the inspiration for such a revolutionary game such as Smash n Dab.

“I think Smash n Dab is a bit of an outlier in that I didn’t create it with the sole intent of summing up a particular social experience,” he said, “but a big part of it is the idea of doing something you don’t really understand to impress people for a reason you can’t really pin down.”

He’s talking about you, dads-who-try-so-hard-to-relate-to-the-youths.

If you’re looking for a good excuse to dab, head on over here to try Smash n Dab.

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