Waleed PERFECTLY spells out everything wrong with the Serena Williams caricature

Waleed Aly and the rest of the panel on The Project has weighed in on the Serena Williams caricature, created by Aussie Mark Knight, that has been branded racist and has caused outrage in the U.S.

Rather than forming an opinion on the issue, Waleed Aly sets out to explain why the caricature is facing so much backlash to people who see it as no big deal.

He goes on to explain that rather than drawing Serena Williams with her unique features, the artist has drawn a “random African American face” which goes to caricature a group of people instead.

Waleed Aly also points out that not only was Serena Williams being stereotyped as the ‘typical angry African American woman’, her opponent and U.S Open winner, Naomi Osaka, was also done some injustice.

She was reduced to just ‘another blonde white woman’ playing tennis when she is actually of Haitian and Japanese background.