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Students banned from giving dog more food for obvious reasons

“It’s like a pig!”

In Taiwan, a local school has forbidden its students to give their mascot, a dog named Little White Socks, treats to help it lose weight.

You see, Little White Socks was adopted by the Wenhua Elementary School in New Taipei City some eight years ago. He then quickly put on weight after students, faculty, and staff fell in love with him and fed him constantly.

An obese dog

The dog has become so obese that he struggles to go up the stairs or even walk.

“It’s like a pig!” a nearby store owner said about the 110-pound canine. “I don’t know even how it’s able to stand up properly with those skinny legs.”

An obese dog

Concerned, the school administration has implemented a ‘no feeding’ rule and has placed Little White Socks on a strict diet. The teachers are also encouraging their pupils to regularly take him on walks and play catch.

“Everybody just loves Little White Socks, it’s a very quiet and well-behaved dog,” said a resident. “It will stand guard at the school entrance whenever the kids arrive or leave at school. I just hope that it can be healthy again.”

An obese dog

We hope so too. Get well soon, Little White Socks!

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