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Man gets hand amputated after sushi causes his skin to rot

Anyone want to grab some sushi after reading this? Anyone?

In South Korea, a 71-year-old man had his forearm amputated after he ate sushi and contracted a life-threatening bacteria which caused his skin to rot rapidly.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the pensioner – who had a history of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and end-stage renal disease – had developed blood-filled blisters on his left hand and a fever just 12 hours after eating raw seafood.

Two days later, unable to bear the pain any longer, he went to the hospital, where he immediately underwent surgery to drain the blisters.

The doctors tested the extracted fluid, and were shocked by what they found: the elderly man had been infected with Vibrio vulnificus.

FYI, it’s a bacteria found in warm coastal and brackish waters, and is closely related to the species that causes cholera. It is most common in raw or undercooked seafood but can also be contracted if an open wound is exposed to contaminated saltwater.


The man was given a series of intravenous antiobiotics, and was sent home. Unfortunately, since his medical history left him at a higher risk of infection, his condition worsened.

He returned to the emergency room 25 days later, his skin full of necrotic ulcers. His arm was amputated to save his life. Thankfully, he has since recovered and has gone home – probably with no plans of eating sushi ever again.

The Korean Journal of Internal Medicine reported that the Vibrio vulnificus infection is becoming a public health concern in South Korea and Taiwan, with hundreds of cases occurring every year.

In the US, cases of the infections are relatively rare, though the Vibriosis species of bacteria causes 80,000 illnesses and 100 deaths annually.

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