Woman claims her dog is vegan, quickly gets proven wrong on TV

Must have been ruff for her to face the truth.

A woman who put her dog on a vegan diet was left red-faced after her pup chose to eat meat instead of vegetables on television.

The moment happened on the UK’s This Morning, where guest Lucy Carrington brought her pet husky, Storm. She told everyone about putting Storm on a meat-free diet this summer after the animal started to go off her food, explaining that the pup must have chosen to go vegan.

So they put Storm to the test. They placed two bowls of food in front of her, one with meat, and the other with peas and carrots. They then let her go, and surprise, surprise, she instantly went for the meat option.

Carrington, who is not vegan, muttered, “Oh you little…,” before composing herself and saying, “I didn’t swear.”

It also goes without saying that forcing a carnivorous animal to give up meat could have harmful consequences on its health.

Thankfully, the embarrassed dog owner owned up to her mistake and said that she’ll start feeding Storm meat again. “If this is what she wants then obviously I’m going to adapt accordingly,” said Carrington.

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