‘Go back to New Zealand’: Pauline Hanson unleashes on Derryn Hinch in bitter spat

Sunrise hosted One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and Australian senator Derryn Hinch on the show this week to discuss Malcolm Turnbull and his son’s backing of the Labor Party.

While praising Turnbull, Hanson mentioned how much she’s achieved since returning to parliament, a statement which quickly drew a challenge from Hinch.

“What have you done, Pauline?” the senator said.

When he repeatedly asked the question and continued to challenge Hanson’s role in parliament, she got visibly irritated and snapped at the New Zealand-born Hinch, telling him, “go and pack your bags and get on the next plane out of the country, that’s where you belong”.

When he defended his Australian citizenship, she continued to lash out and asked him to “go back to New Zealand”.

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