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‘Beer ramen’ is something people actually order in Canada

Good luck chugging that!

Yuu Japanese Tapas, a local restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, is making headlines after it came out with a new (and unique) menu item: beer ramen.

The dish is served in a glass stein and served with noodles, cold bonito (fish) broth, and topped with fake foam made from egg whites and gelatin. As for the alcohol? There is none. It’s really just chilled ramen served in a beer glass instead of a bowl.

It may not look very appealing but we can tell you that the Ramen Beer @yuujapanesetapas is next level! You’re not going to find a more IG worthy beer to post about and if you do… tag us. Photo by @athenasweets #curiocityvancouver

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Although initially apprehensive, many customers who have tried the offering have described it as “refreshing” and “delicious.”

Cooling off with some cold ramen ? Have you tried the beer ramen yet? Photo by @bentontheincredible at @yuujapanesetapas #dishedvan

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In an interview with Insider, restaurant owner Julia Kubotani said that she came up with the idea for it one hot day.

“Thankfully we had a very hot summer this year in Vancouver and one day I was just sitting on the couch and it was so hot and thought about icy cold beer. And the next thing I thought, ‘why not beer ramen?’”

Come check out our new refreshing beer ramen!!! The top foam is made of egg whites and gelatine, and the broth is made from bonito flakes! ?? ?: @vancitydelights . . . . #vancouverfoodie #yvreats #yvrfoodie #vancouvereats #f52grams #foodbeast #eatfamous #buzzfeedfood #feedfeed #ramen

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Why not, indeed. I mean, it’s not like the strangest ramen-related thing we’ve heard of.

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