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Activist goat jailbreaks mates from livestock auction

This might just be the best goat story yet.

We all know goats are badass. They’re smart, they can climb verticle cliffs AND they are epic features in stories, but one goat has taken it to the next level.

Fred the goat, obvs a hardcore activist just trying to make the world less cruel, has helped dozens of his fellow animals escape from a New Jersey livestock auction house.

The animals escaped through an unsecured gate at the Hackettstown Livestock Auction House on West Stiger Street around 9:30 p.m., police said.

Police Spokesman, Sergent Darren Tyman told the New York Post it took around an hour for police and locals to herd approximately 60 of the livestock back to their pens using some irresistible cracked corn, before the gate was eventually re-secured with a piece of rope.

Livestock auction house manager Bouwe Postma said that those were the only animals who had escaped — but Tynan said that between 10 and 20 more were believed to still be on the loose.

Locals are giving the credit for the attempted escape to Fred, a goat who escaped from the same auction market more than a year ago and sporadically pops up around the town. Earlier that day, the local police had received reports that Fred was in the area.

On Thursday afternoon, after the escape, Fred showed up at the facility and headbutted a gate holding newly corralled animals multiple times, in an apparent effort to let them back out.

Auction manager Postma managed to shoo him away, but the sighting made him suspect that Fred was also behind Wednesday night’s escape.

“It was him,” Postma declared. “I think he’s the culprit. He must have banged that fence and let him out last night. I’m almost positive. He must have put a lot of force into that.”

Right on, Fred.

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