Featured Image for The ‘ultimate playground for cats’ is now available at Tuft & Paw

The ‘ultimate playground for cats’ is now available at Tuft & Paw

Only the best for Kitty.

California-based brand Tuft & Paw has launched designer Sang Nam-Park’s ultimate playground for cats, the Milo treehouse.

Made to entertain your cat for hours on end, the tower features curved, white sections of natural birch plywood that connect to form a frame with steps for the cat to perch or jump on.

There’s also rope wrapped around parts of the structure for sharpening its claws, and a slide covered in grey carpet so it can be used as a scratching post.

Tuft & Paw

At the back, there’s a column (also covered in grey carpet) that leads up to a translucent basin for napping.

“Cats and humans love the whimsically designed Milo cat treehouse,” Tuft & Paw said on their website. “This large jungle gym gives cats endless opportunities for play and discovery to maintain their physical and mental health.”

The treehouse’s minimalist form also enhances your home’s interior, serving as sculptural furniture rather than added clutter (sorry, cardboard boxes).

Tuft & Paw

Tuft & Paw also sells other non-ugly furniture including cat beds, litter box covers, perches, and scratching posts – all of which were sourced from about 30 artisans and small manufacturers from around the world.

Consider them as “the West Elm of cat furniture,” as Racked described it.

Tuft & Paw

We recently spoke to Tuft & Paw founder Jackson Cunningham to learn more about the company and their products.

What inspired you to start Tuft + Paw?

“I was visiting South America in 2015 with my girlfriend and we noticed how many homeless cats there were. I have a background in ecommerce, and my girlfriend is borderline obsessed with cats so we decided right there that we wanted to start a business that could ultimately help solve the homeless cat problem by building a community of cat owners.”

Is there a criteria you adhere to whenever you’re curating new products for your site?

“It needs to be beautiful, hard to find, and unique. The materials need to be high quality – we generally don’t like cardboard, plastic, or plush rug. Our standards for ‘cat furniture’ are the same as we would have for ‘human furniture’.”

This piece of modern artwork is a cat cave in disguise. Its game-changing design combines metal, wood, and cotton for a well-balanced contrast of textures. Treat your cat to a vacation in the beautifully woven fibers of its sleeping compartment.⠀

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What was it like when you first started? And what has changed since then?

“At first we had to guess which items would be popular which was really hard. We had long wait times because we didn’t know what was going to be popular so we were constantly selling out. We’ve finally started to refine our offering and get our inventory levels under control. Now we’re spending more time in R&D to figure out how we can really change the cat furniture game.”

Which item has been the most-loved by your customers? And personally, do you have a favourite out of the entire catalog?

“Our cat cave has been super popular because it’s very reasonably priced, beautiful, and cats love it. Personally, I (and my cat) absolutely love this scratching post. It’s really minimalist, but cats LOVE it because of how sturdy it is and it’s infused with a light catnip so cats are naturally drawn to it. Simple but genius.”

Its unique handmade design features bands of mottled gray and ecru, crafted of luxuriously supple 100% merino wool.

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What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned so far about cats and their owners?

“Cat owners are crazy in a good way – they care SO much about their cats. Most cat owners have special rituals with their cats, dozens of funny nicknames, and are constantly taking photos or talking about their cat to anyone who will listen.

“As far as cats go, I’ve realized that there’s so much we don’t know. Cat behavior is a relatively new field that is starting to gain some prominence from a few animal behavior specialists but there is still so much to learn. It means there’s a really big opportunity for us to challenge the types of toys and furniture that are being built so we can innovate based on what we learn about cats.”

Do you have plans on creating a similar website, but for other pets like dogs and fish?

“Someone joked that we should make a sister site for reptiles called Scale and Claw. For now we are 100 percent focused on cats because there is so much to explore, but I could definitely see a future where we expand our line to other unrepresented animals such as fish, birds etc.”

The Indigo cat bed has a deluxe design, carefully crafted to give your pet the ultimate sleeping experience. Premium, durable materials such as solid beech wood and 100% pure wool felt are used to maximize your cat’s comfort. ⠀ 💛⠀ Don't forget about our #giveaway ▪️you still have a chance to win! See the post below👇🏻

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You can learn more about Tuft and Paw and their products by checking out their website.

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