Featured Image for Time magazine continue their amazing covers of President Trump with “In deep”

Time magazine continue their amazing covers of President Trump with “In deep”

Time magazine have continued their run of brilliant covers that succinctly sum up the Trump Presidency.

Following in the steps of “Nothing to see here” and “Stormy” comes Tim O’Brien’s third image of Donald Trump in the White House – although there’s a pretty clear difference this time around.

Where the first two had Trump sat at his desk in the Oval Office, appearing resolute in the face of increasing adversity, the upcoming September issue shows the President now – just barely – floating above the desk.

“I felt that it was too comical or perhaps morbid to see him sitting there,” O’Brien told Time.

“But to have him at the top suggests he’s still fighting despite the deepening issues.”

Time report that the Brookyln-based artist used airbrush, pencil, gouache and oil paint to create the original piece, which he said he thought would be a one-off.

“When I painted the ‘Nothing to see here’ cover art, like many, I assumed the level of chaos could not last,” said O’Brien.

TIME’s new cover: Inside Donald Trump's White House chaos. Illustration by Tim O’Brien for TIME; animation by @brobeldesign

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But, he continued, “as the never-ending flood of breaking news washed over the White House, and the firings, the scandals and the general mayhem filled each news cycle, I felt the storm metaphor was as relevant as ever.”

The fact that a certain adult-film star was making Trump-based headlines obviously helped make the second image and its caption all the more poignant.

TIME's new cover: Donald Trump relied on his personal lawyer and longtime fixer, Michael Cohen, to weather the storm. Now the President is on his own. Read the full cover story on TIME.com. Illustration by @obrienillustration for TIME

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As for what the ‘In deep’ cover story will cover, Time said on Instagram that the prime issue will be Michael Cohen pleading guilty “to eight felony counts, including arranging payments during the 2016 campaign to suppress two women’s accounts of alleged extramarital affairs with Donald Trump”.

“‘I participated in this conduct,’ Cohen avowed, ‘in coordination with and at the direction of’ Trump himself.

“With that extraordinary statement, he implicated the President of the United States in a federal crime — to be violating campaign­-finance laws — ‘principal purpose’, of which he said, was to influence an election that Trump won by only 78,000 votes in three states.”

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