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This futuristic funeral home reimagines how we mourn loved ones

The concept brings to life the dull and drab spaces we’ve all been accustomed to.

Following the loss of a dear friend, the founders of Dutch studio HofmanDujardin have come up with a radical redesign of the typical funeral home. The concept hopes to rethink the way we say farewell by highlighting the beauty of life, in addition to the loss of it.

“The lack of places for worthy send offs results in unease feelings during crucial moments in our lives,” said co-founder Michiel Hofman.

“Naturally following our design philosophy Shaping Intuition®, focusing on the intuitive values of human beings, we designed a Funeral Centre which tries to break this discomfort. The design combines timeless qualities with elements of our modern ways of life.”


The architects did this by creating three main spaces inspired by three key parts of a wake: the gathering of friends and family, the ceremony of remembrance, and the moment of social gathering.

The first room is called the ‘Wall of Memories’, which has a floor-to-ceiling screen that greets guests with a collage of photos and videos celebrating the life of the deceased. Attendees can also add their own digital memories by sending their files either before the day of the wake or during the event itself.


The second room, described as the building’s epicenter, contains the coffin. The space is shaped like a triangle, with curved walls that act as an intimate passage towards the deceased. Behind the coffin is a panoramic window with an expansive view of the natural surroundings.

“The shape implies a flow back towards nature, closing the circle of life,” said Michiel.


And finally, the third room is clad in timber, which evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. The hope here is that guests will feel more at ease, enabling them to socialise and share memorable stories of the person they’d just lost.


“The way we say goodbye to our loved ones is a very personal decision,” said HofmanDujardin’s other co-founder, Barbara Dujardin.

“We designed a funeral center which is specifically suitable for its function, and at the same time leaves room for interpretation – we think that sad moments in our life should be beautiful at the same time.”



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