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Baseball champ’s million dollar lunch bill

World Series baseball champion Justin Verlander got totally trolled by an LA restaurant that added a $1 million extra charge to his bill.

One would expect to pay top dollar for a Beverly Hills breakfast, but this is next level.

Verlander and his breakfast companion, former US tennis player Mardy Fish, ordered a hearty lunch of eggs, pancakes, a vanilla latte, cranberry juice, a green drink and a couple of salads. Their bill came to US$1,095,198.20 with tax.

The reason? Verlander is a “Dodger Killer”.

As part of the Astros team that won the 2017 World Series, crushing the LA Dodgers seven times, Verlander seems to have gotten himself on the blacklist with the LA restaurant staff. His cheeky server added a $1 million dollar miscellaneous charge, simply titled “Dodger Killer”.

Luckily, Verlander got the joke.

Mardy Fish also had something to say about their bill on Twitter.

Twitter users were quick to note that despite not pushing the million dollar mark, this was no free lunch; the bill still came to US$181 before tax.

Verlander probably doesn’t mind. He’s in the middle of one of the best seasons of his career, having a 12-8 record with a 2.65 ERA and 223 strikeouts so far. He’s due to bring home about AU$38.2 million dollars this season.

The star credits much of his success to his wife, supermodel Kate Upton, who is currently pregnant with their first child.

In a Bleacher Report article, Verlander made it clear that she is well and truly his rock, saying “Who knows if I’m even here if it wasn’t for her?”

We’re not sure how Kate Upton would feel about the situation. The couple married last November, having been together since 2014. Despite Verlander’s generous pay check this season, it’s probably hard to explain to your new wife why you took someone else out for a million dollar breakfast.