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Your LEGO is now made of sugar – all in the name of saving the environment

As part of their efforts to have made a serious push into using sustainable materials by 2030, this month LEGO rolled out their first sustainable blocks, made of sugarcane.

As to what the hell LEGO is usually made of, well, what other chemical is most commonly subbed out by having sugarcane take its place?

Yeah, that’d be petroleum.

Your favourite childhood toys were made from the stuff that is choking up the atmosphere and occasionally destroying our marine life with the oil spills.

As Greenpeace put it in 2014, “LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.”

Perhaps in response to that viral video, which racked up over 8 million views on YouTube alone, the Danish company decided it was time to start getting on board with the green movement, announcing the following year that they were aiming to make all their bricks with non-oil based plastic by 2030.

Now, almost three years later, they are starting to come good on that promise, with their first set of 98% polyethylene (sugarcane) blocks hitting the shelves.

“At the LEGO Group we want to make a positive impact on the world around us, and are working hard to make great play products for children using sustainable materials,” said Tim Brooks, Vice President, Environmental Responsibility at the LEGO Group.

“This is a great first step in our ambitious commitment of making all LEGO bricks using sustainable materials.”

Now, that’s not to be confused with LEGO creating blocks that are biodegradable, however, they are in line with the guidelines set out by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – LEGO being a WWF Climate Savers Partner.

“We witness constant constraints on the natural resources globally. Continuing with business as usual is not an option, not for the planet or for companies,” Gitte Seeberg, CEO of WWF Denmark, said in 2013.

“The problems can best be solved by working together, and our initiated partnership with the LEGO Group shows that joining forces can amplify and accelerate the positive impact we need.”

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