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Sick children showered with soft toys by football fans

A group of kids from the Sophia Children’s Hospital was showered with cuddly toys by Excelsior fans during a match on Sunday.

The young patients were caught in a rainstorm of cuddly toys after supporters of the Dutch team found out they’d be seated above the children and their families.

The young fans and their parents received free tickets to watch the match between Feynoord and Excelsior at De Kuip stadium in Rotterdam.

The match went to Feyenoord 3-0, but whichever way their loyalties swung, the kids will surely remember this unique experience with fondness. An astounding number of toys was thrown down on the young crowd, with every stuffed animal imaginable reportedly making an appearance in the downpour.

Stewards on the pitch ensured not a single fluffy friend was left homeless. The soft toy extravaganza was caught on film, to the soundtrack of enthusiastic cheering and chanting from the rest of the stadium.

Their new stuffed animal mates will remain with the kids as a memento of the Eredivisie clash, thanks to the football fans above them offering an entirely different kind of support.