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J. K. Rowling says this “beautiful” fan theory is her favourite

The beloved author who has brought magic to the masses for over twenty years has admitted that this dark fan theory is the best yet.

Though J. K. has much more to offer on Twitter than Potter chat (like every hilarious interaction she’s ever had with Donald Trump) we all love to see a bit of gold fan theory shining through, and J. K. herself is no exception.

Earlier this week, she blew us out of the water with a direct answer to a fan’s question about which theory is her favourite.

You read that right, Dumbledore as Death. “Beautiful” might be a weird way to describe it, but yes, it fits.

The theory stems from the story of the Deathly Hallows, three powerful magical objects brought into existence by Death himself, so goes the story.

As the name suggests, the objects appear in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in a story named The Tale of the Three Brothers, which Hermione Granger reads aloud to Harry.

Three wizard brothers reach a vast river they can’t cross, so they conjure up a bridge to escape the fatal crossing. Consequently, Death appears as a hooded figure on the bridge and congratulates the brothers, offering each a reward which in turn, leads to their fatality and to Death claiming them as he’d wanted to on the bridge.

The first brother requests an unbeatable wand, the second brother asks for the power to bring back the dead, and the third brother desires the power to become invisible.

The first two brothers meet Death at the hands of their own powers, while the third wears the Cloak of Invisibility for many years, quietly evading Death. The story goes that when the third brother is ready to die, he removes his cape and greets Death as “an old friend”.

According to the “Dumbledore as Death” theory, the first brother is Voldemort, who is killed in his quest for great power. The second is Severus Snape, driven by his love for a dead woman and the third brother, of course, is The Boy Who Lived.

Dumbledore, like death, gives Harry the Cloak of Invisibility. When Harry dies (but, you know, not really) and comes to the ethereal Kings Cross Station, Dumbledore is the character he greets there… like an old friend.

So, there it is, Dumbledore, everyone’s favourite mentor and Harry’s trusted guide through life, may actually be Death.

Which, just like J.K. says, does fit.

And in a weird yet magical way, it really is beautiful.