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This thing of beauty is going to be Australia’s tallest skyscraper

Melbourne’s skyline is going to look a lot different pretty soon.

UNStudio and Cox Architecture have won the ‘Southbank by Beulah’ design competition to construct what would eventually become Australia’s tallest skyscraper.

The first tower will reach a height of 356.2 metres, which will make it 30 metres higher than the country’s tallest building, the Q1 tower in Gold Coast. The shorter tower, meanwhile, will stand at 252.2 metres.

UNStudio, Cox Architecture

The structure is also defined by its so-called ‘green spine’, a series of vertical gardens that line the two towers’ twisting facades all the way to the top. Up above, each building has its own public park.

“We will do our utmost to contribute to a healthier and future-proof Southbank and wider Melbourne with our Green Spine,” said UNStudio co-founder Caroline Bos.

UNStudio, Cox Architecture

Other than serving as the central architectural element that puts everything together, the spine “incorporates a multitude of functions in one fluid gesture,” said UNstudio founder Ben van Berkel.

A podium connects the pair of mixed-use towers, and will contain a school, a daycare centre, a library, a cinema, an auditorium, and a BMW experience centre.

UNStudio, Cox Architecture

The area, in addition to providing more greenery to the city, will also become another cultural platform for Melbourne.

“As Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, our design proposal for Southbank by Beulah will enhance this profile and give the city a new place in which its art and culture can be displayed for the world to see,” the architects said.

“The various podium terraces offer platforms for temporary performance art, sculptures, light installations, and other exhibitions.”

UNStudio, Cox Architecture

UNStudio and Cox Architecture beat out other renowned firms – such as BIG, OMA, MVRDV, and MAD – to bag the coveted development for Beulah International.

You can learn more about the project here.

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