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Cabin in the shape of a triangle makes for the perfect weekend refuge

It looks so (a)cute! Sorry, geometry jokes.

Brazilian architect Felipe Campolina has designed a cosy and affordable getaway for city-dwellers. Called the HT Refuge, the 40 square metre module can be instantly built using prefabricated blocks combined with small sections of steel that form the main structure like a large truss.

The side façade is rotated 45 degrees from the floor in a triangular shape, giving it stability and its iconic appearance.

Felipe Campolina

The architect elaborates: “Apparent concrete block (AAC) was used for the lateral closures, being seated juxtaposed and then tied to the structure, creating a low cost solution but in a solid and welcoming interior and exterior environment.

“This constructive system proposes a mixed use of technologies using industrial processes and traditional masonry work; being a democratic way of adapting to any region/cultural situation, since prefabricated concrete blocks and steel pipes are well received in both conditions.”

Felipe Campolina

Although originally conceived as a place of retreat, the structure can also serve large housing and commercial purposes by expanding its size and modifying its configuration.

You can learn more about Felipe Campolina here.

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