Featured Image for Bachelor producer dishes the dirt on whether the contestants would do the dirty

Bachelor producer dishes the dirt on whether the contestants would do the dirty

We all love The Bachelor.

Correction, those of us with nothing better to do in our lives love watching 20 strangers desperately battle for love while we yell abusive things from our lounge room.

But while the drama unfolds on our screens, the big question we all want to know lingers: “So are they rooting or nah?”

And besides unverified Twitter rumours and sixth-hand accounts from your-sister-in-law’s-baker’s-son’s-cricket-coach-who-apparently-knows-one-of-the-contestant’s-mums, that question has remained unanswered…until now.

A date producer (a real job, I’m told) from the show named Jana Hocking dished the dirt on how closely they would monitor the sex lives of the contestants.

Speaking on the High Heels and Hangovers podcast, she said:

“Duty of care they take it so seriously. I had to go on the overnight dates, I had to stay with them on the overnight dates and I was the biggest cockblocker ever and I never want to be a cockblocker!”

“I literally had to knock on doors and be like, ‘open the door right now.’”

It turns out while the show’s perfectly fine with more-or-less humiliating the contestants for an entire season, they draw the line at sexual regret.

“What if she gets dumped the next day and turns around and goes, ‘Well hang on a second you all knew, I’ve been made to look like a fool I gave myself to this guy,’ it’s duty of care,” she said.

“Because there is so many people around that know what is going on, you can’t be responsible for it.”

While it may seem a tad intrusive, I think we can all agree we’ve all had a few Saturday nights when we needed a date producer to come up and stop us doing something we’d regret.

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