Featured Image for This caravan can peel back its roof so you’ll have a view of the night sky

This caravan can peel back its roof so you’ll have a view of the night sky

The great thing about caravans is their versatility – you can take them pretty well wherever you want and you’ll have all the facilities you need for a cosy night in.

But what if your whole purpose for getting into the great outdoors is to actually sleep under the stars, but you don’t want to rough it on the ground?

Well then, you’d need some sort of convertible caravan… Which is exactly what the LUME Traveler is!

LUME Traveler

The creation of company founder Hein van de Laar, who is a big fan of nature but not so much of camping, the Traveler was his way of having all his favourite creature comforts while still being able to enjoy an evening looking up at the night sky.

“It was my dream to enjoy outdoor life with the comfort of home; to sleep under the stars in a top-notch bed, to cook outside with a full-fledged stove,” Van de Laar writes.

“And all of that in the most beautiful spots in nature. This dream is what led to the beautifully-designed LUME Traveler.”

LUME Traveler bed

The roof is made of Sunbrella fabric, meaning it is easy to strip back but still durable enough to keep the elements out when the weather turns nasty. And with a built-in insect screen, you don’t have to worry about getting eaten alive by mozzies, while full insulation means it won’t get too hot or cold regardless.

As for the taller camper, Van de Laar has got you covered – standing at 198 centimetres himself, he’s ensured the caravan is packing a bed that will accommodate those with longer legs.

For the foodie, the Traveler is equipped with two gas burners and a 40-litre fridge, while there are additional extras available such as mobile WiFi, a 32-inch flat screen TV, and even Bose speakers.

LUME Traveler

Cost-wise, you’re looking at €46,500 (around US$52,000 or AUS$73,000) for the No.1, although there are cheaper versions, such as the ‘Shell’, which you would then fit out yourself.

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