Missing cat finally reunited with her human after 13 long years

She went on quite the adventure.

Janet Adamowicz was left heartbroken when her beloved tabby cat Boo disappeared unexpectedly in 2005, aged just four.

The married step-mum-of-two put up ‘missing cat’ posters everywhere in Harrogate, England, and even put an advert in the local paper. But Boo remained missing year after year and Janet eventually gave up all hope of seeing her cat again.

Fast forward 13 years, Janet received a phone call from a shelter. Initially, she denied that the tabby was hers, but after a thorough check of Boo’s microchip, it turned out that the cat in question was indeed Boo.

When Janet arrived at the shelter, Boo immediately started rubbing herself on her human’s face. Janet recalled: “She was very affectionate, I don’t know if she did recognise me but she was very friendly towards me.”

But the most interesting part of the story? Boo’s shelter was 40 miles (64 kilometres) away from Janet’s house! How the feline ended up all the way there, no one can really tell.

Boo has since settled back into life with Janet and her two other, younger cats. Hopefully, she’ll stay put this time around.