These 3D-printed headphones are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

Quite literally, the most flexible headphones around.

Spanish company ‘dottsaudio’ has launched what is being dubbed as the world’s first 3D printed Bluetooth headphones.

Called ‘dotts M’, the unique headphones feature a bevy of innovative features including a headband that’s ridiculously flexible, able to bend without breaking. Another interesting feature is its headphone design, which can be customised with over 600 combinations possible.

dotts M

What’s exciting about the latter is that once a piece of your headphones break, you won’t have to throw away the entire device, but rather, just replace the broken part.

“This experience is not just buying a fully customized, high-end product,” the company told Lost At E Minor.

“The dotts M is designed to be fully upgradable. You won’t need to worry anymore about your headphones getting obsolete because you will be able to only upgrade the electronics without needing to buy a whole new pair. You won’t need to worry about breaking them.”

dotts M

When asked what inspired them to make the ‘dotts M’ headphones, ‘dottsaudio’ explaned:

“We want to change the way we buy wearables focusing on a full customization experience where every client can decide what product, color, shape and size will fit better its needs and tastes.

“This is something that brands like Nike or Adidas are already doing with shoes and even IKEA is letting customers design their own furniture.

“Basically, our inspiration was to do things different, but really different this time. There are a lot of new headphones brands out there, because this market is huge. However, there are no brands like ours.”

dotts M

The ‘dotts M’ headphones also come with other noteworthy features such as the latest version of Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth 5.0), 40 hours battery life from a single charge, noise cancellation and noise isolation, intuitive controls, taking of calls, voice assistant support, and an epic crisp sound augmented by Arrow-certified high-end technology.

dotts M

According to ‘dottsaudio’, their headphones are not only great for listening, but also great for the environment.

Hand-assembled in Madrid, their products are made from premium materials that come from sustainable sources, with production consuming 65 percent less energy than traditional manufacturing.

“If you ask about why we’re doing all of this in a sustainable way, we’d say that we believe that is up to us startups to start contributing to the environment while creating products.

“Our main reference is ECOALF, a Spanish fashion brand that is known for upcycling the ocean and being totally sustainable. What these guys are doing is amazing, and we also want to be part of that.”

dotts M

The company is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, where they have already surpassed their initial funding goal. You can grab a pair of ‘dotts M’ by availing of their early bird rate of 109 euro (about US$126 or AU$169). Head on over here to learn more.

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