Featured Image for Look at the size of this moose walking down an Alaskan road

Look at the size of this moose walking down an Alaskan road

Talk about a real traffic-stopper.

Alaskan resident Robert Farris was recently driving around Anchorage with his daughter when he saw the biggest pedestrian he had ever seen: a moose.

The video he captured shows the gigantic animal walking down a grassy lane divider. The moose is so big and majestic that other drivers – Farris included – stop their vehicles to admire it longer.

“I was picking up my daughter when we came across the moose wandering in the street, so I decided to pull up next to the big fella and let the world basque in his awe,” said Farris.

Although trying to catch the beast’s attention, not to mention calling it “dude,” is questionable, it’s nice that Farris didn’t attempt to get any closer – or worse, trying to touch or take a selfie with it.

Moose are the second largest land animal in North America, behind only two species of bison. On average, they measure around 4.6 – 6.9 feet high at the shoulder.

Although from the looks of the moose in the video, it appears to be much bigger than the average (just look how small the car looks right next to it!)

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