Featured Image for Finally, a cockroach pillow to snuggle with

Finally, a cockroach pillow to snuggle with

Just what we’ve always wanted!

In Thailand, a local store is selling a pillow that looks like a giant cockroach. It’s endearingly named ‘Peter the Cockroach’, and it comes with highly-realistic features such as two long antenna, six legs, and wings.

And its texture? Unlike its crunchier living counterparts, Peter is soft and plushy – perfect for cuddling in bed with!

A cockroach pillow

As expected, the product has generated quite the response on social media. Some want nothing to do with it, while others plan on giving it as a gift to loved ones (how sweet!)

If you have plans on getting one (or an entire colony), you can buy the cockroach pillow here for 890 Thai Baht (around US$26 or AUS$35) each.

A cockroach pillow

A cockroach pillow

A cockroach pillow

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