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How this ‘Rick and Morty’ tattoo can show videos is pure genius

This piece of digital wizardry would make Rick himself proud.

Tattoo artist Roy Lee Rowlett has created a tattoo of the titular characters from Rick and Morty staring off into a portal, as created by Rick’s portal gun.

Except Rowlett coloured the portal a certain, specific shade of green, making it a live-action tattoo and posting the results on Facebook.

Did a green screen tattoo tonight 😂😂For more frequent updates of my work follow me on Instagram at Leerowlett_tattooer

Posted by Roy Lee Rowlett on Saturday, 4 August 2018

“I used the color green of a green screen, then added the effects over the video as we recorded it,” Rowlett told Storyful.

The tattoo is inventively called ‘It’s called a green screen Morty’.

The video has since received over one million views on Facebook, and even been shared by the official Rick and Morty social pages, the show calling it “Green screen technology at its finest.”

Rowlett works at Mama Tried Tattoo Parlour, in Louisville, Kentucky, where he specialises “in black and gray realism with an emphasis on pop culture and horror imagery.”

As for his hobbies, he enjoys “creating both digital and acrylic colour paintings” – so when you mix pop culture with digital colour paintings, you start to see how Rowlett came up with this particular piece of work.

As for the lucky recipient of the tattoo, that’d be photographer Wayne Krauth, who got the ink on his left leg – a limb he plans to fill with characters from his best-loved cartoons.

However, Krauth told Cnet that the idea for the green screen was all down to Rowlett.

“What better than the portal from Rick and Morty. It just made perfect sense,” Krauth said.

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