Featured Image for FYI, there’s a law that entitles all Australians to a free photo of the Queen

FYI, there’s a law that entitles all Australians to a free photo of the Queen

MPs have been bombarded with requests since this information came out.

Earlier this week, VICE discovered a little-known perk: every Australian citizen is entitled to a free official portrait of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Apparently, under the “constituents’ request program,” people can ask their MP for certain “nationhood material.” These include the Australian flag, a CD or DVD of the national anthem, and a photo of the Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

“As a good constituent and apparent royalist, I sent an email to my MP, Andrew Hastie, and requested Liz’s portrait,” wrote Vice’s Nicholas Lord.

“While I was initially told his office was out of stock – I apparently wasn’t the first Western Australian to want Elizabeth on my wall – three weeks later I had my portrait, along with some complimentary Aussie flags for good measure.”

Shortly after the VICE article came out, others have done their rightful duty to ask for these materials – to the displeasure of MPs.

“I love my constituents,” said Tim Watts, the labor MP for Gellibrand. “They have responded to this article in that Australian tradition of taking the piss.”

As for Her Majesty’s other royal subjects, Brits can get a portrait for a fee, while Canadians can download the materials online. Official portraits are not available in other Commonwealth countries, such as New Zealand, South Africa, and India.


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