Featured Image for Employees of a Burger King in London will be subjected to a whole day of Toto’s “Africa”

Employees of a Burger King in London will be subjected to a whole day of Toto’s “Africa”

As the result of a bizarre social media campaign, the Burger King in Camden Town will be playing Toto’s smash hit “Africa” on a constant loop all day. ALL DAY.

For some unknown reason, which escapes all notion of human compassion, Burger King’s marketing team in the UK thought it would be a great idea to subject their employees to 96 continuous plays of Africa.

That is, if they choose to play the 4 minute, 55-second long album version. If they were to pick the slightly shorter radio edit, things are worse.

We all love the song for a one-off karaoke belt, right? But if this isn’t the closest portrayal of hell ever made, I don’t know what is.

A few days ago, Burger King UK launched the most peculiar social media dare, completely out of the blue. They promised that if their tweet got more than a thousand retweets, they’d play the 1982 hit Africa all day in one of their joints.

With over 27 thousand followers, it wasn’t difficult for the internet to accept the challenge. The tweet ended up getting over 6,000 retweets and more than 300 hundred comments.

The reasons behind this unusual stunt?

Nobody knows.

It very well could be the result of a personal interoffice vendetta, somebody in marketing wanting to inflict some vicious revenge on someone working at the Camden Town restaurant.

I know it sounds way too brutal, but we humans have done similarly horrible things throughout history.

Or maybe, the whole thing is just an uninspired attempt to cash on the Toto craze currently blasting through the internet right now, which probably started around last December when a 14-year-old named Mary hit up Weezer’s Twitter account asking them to cover the 1982 hit Africa.

Hundreds of people backed the idea and pressured the band to have a go at the song, insanely popularizing the hashtag #WeezerCoverAfrica and inspiring hundreds of memes.

Weezer finally gave in and published in May not only their cover of Africa but also a rendition of “Rosanna”, both of which have already raked more than 8 million combined views on Youtube.

Toto themselves kept the internet joke rolling and responded to the gesture, recently covering Weezer’s “Hash Pipe.

Anyway, our attention right now should focus not on the details or context, but on the fate of those poor fellows at the Burger King in Camden Town.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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