Featured Image for An agency in Japan is offering women’s armpits as ad space

An agency in Japan is offering women’s armpits as ad space

It’s a crazy idea that’s got some people up in arms – literally!

In Japan, a local firm has come up with an unconventional way to advertise their clients’ products: by placing ads on women’s bare armpits.

The Wakino Ad Company, which is owned by beauty brand Liberta, is offering clients ad space on armpits. For 10,000 yen (US$90 or AUS$120) an hour, anyone can place ads of various sizes and colours on moving ‘billboards’.

Wakino Ad Company

So far, the company already has one client in Seishin Biyo Clinic, a dermatology chain hoping to attract more customers to try their underarm hair removal procedure.

It’s also been reported that Wakino is looking to hire male models, and will be holding an armpit beauty contest to further promote their service.

What do you think? Should other advertisers be sweating buckets with this idea, or is it the pits?

Wakino Ad Company

Wakino Ad Company

Via Straits Times

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