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Queen of Pink: Kitten Kay Sera’s singular obsession with one colour

Whatever you claim to be your favourite colour, there’s no way you have devoted anywhere near as much to it as Kitten Kay Sera.

Since 1980, Kitten has worn one colour and one colour only: pink.

That’s 38 years – basically half an entire lifetime – totally committed to a single shade.

More than just wearing her favourite colour on her sleeve (and skirts, shirts, jackets, hats…) Kitten also only owns pink items, having decked her entire apartment out in pink and giving it the name the “Pink Pepto Palace”.

The name is partly coloured by the fact she is shooting an ad for the pink liquid antacid Pepto Bismol.

She’s also dyed her hair and the fur of her puppy, “Miss Kisses”, totally pink – Miss Kisses gets her shade from beet juice, “which is totally safe and vet approved”.

“I don’t ever venture from my colour ever,” she told Cosmopolitan.

“You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do another color. That’s how devoted I am.”

As for how pink is pink, Kitten told The Sun, “I draw the line at fuchsia – it’s simply too red for my taste.”

While Kitten’s is a modest life – the Pink Pepto Palace is a rented one-bedroom apartment – she has managed to make a career out of her monochromatic lifestyle, which is nothing to turn your nose up at.

What’s more, she’d likely be living in far fancier digs if not for the estimated “over a million pounds and counting” she’s dropped on keeping things pink.

Her final word on her favourite colour is simply that it is “everything”.

“I don’t even do 50 shades of pink. I do a million shades of pink,” she told Cosmopolitan.

“Pink is everything to me. Pink is compassion — it’s powerful, it’s punk, it’s soft, it’s flirty, it’s girly, it’s everything. It is all. I can’t say that about any other color.”

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