Featured Image for This new fire hydrant is also a drinking fountain for people and pets

This new fire hydrant is also a drinking fountain for people and pets

Everyone’s turning into a multi-tasker these days – fire hydrants included!

Dimitri Nassisi, an industrial design student at ECAL in Switzerland, has come up with a fire hydrant design that’s also a drinking fountain for humans and animals.

The design, called the Drinking Hydrant, features a blue colour scheme, a lengthened body, two spouts, and a two-way switch that lets users trigger either the spout for human consumption or the spout that pour water into a dog bowl for pet consumption.

Of course, the hydrant also fulfills its original role too, having a water-hose outlet that firemen can tap into during emergencies.

Drinking Hydrant

According to Nassisi, he thought of the concept while pondering about the possible civilian use of fire hydrants. He told Design Boom:

“Throughout my research I found that in Switzerland the hydrants are related to the clear water pipings. All the infrastructure has an inner treatment to ensure that the water stays potable and we can find fire hydrants at every street corner. In this I saw a lot of potential.”

Drinking Hydrant

Although still a prototype for now, the Drinking Hydrant can be easily implemented in the future, as most hydrants can be removed and replaced without causing any roadworks.

With many cities looking to make potable drinking water more accessible to all, as well as to reduce plastic bottle consumption, we hope this idea catches on soon.

Via Design Boom

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