Featured Image for This home with a green roof overlooks Brazil’s breathtaking countryside

This home with a green roof overlooks Brazil’s breathtaking countryside

In the municipality of Porto Feliz in Sao Paulo, Brazil, firm Studio MK27 has designed a house that take the concept of green architecture quite literally.

Called the ‘Planar House’, the 1,000 square metre residence is located on top of a hill overlooking the lush Brazilian countryside. As if mimicking its stunning surroundings, the home has an expansive roof covered in greenery.

The roof can be accessed via a removable ladder when maintenance is needed, and it comes complete with skylights and integrated solar panels.

“Structurally, the slab is a rigid platform that is not supported by beams but directly by the pillars, which are distributed modularly in three axes,” Studio MK27 told Design Boom. “The cross-shaped metallic pillars are homage to the elegant proportions of Miesian architecture.”

Planar House by Studio MK27

Inside, the space is divided into two areas. The first features a gym, a playroom, a TV room, and living quarters for the staff. The second contains five en-suite bedrooms. Of course, there’s also a living and dining area, and a kitchen.

On perfect summer days, the doors can be slid open, connecting the dwelling to the outside and letting in a fresh breeze. As for the interiors, the décor features materials like wood, concrete, and glass, while the layout is spacious and airy.

Planar House by Studio MK27

And finally, the exterior includes a dining area, a kitchen, a second living room, and a swimming pool. A multi-coloured chair suspended from the ceiling, meanwhile, provides a nice contrast to the rest of the abode’s earth tones.

A brick wall, with its winding shape, also gives a visual juxtaposition to the structure’s horizontality, not to mention allows light to pass through nicely.

Planar House by Studio MK27

We recently managed to talk to the creatives at Studio MK27 to find out more about the Planar House. Take a look:

What was the project brief?

“A horizontal/linear house integrated to the surrounding nature. It is a weekend house for a couple with three children plus family and guests.”

Planar House by Studio MK27

How did you respond to the project brief? What was your creative process like?

“The idea was to have a full integration between the inside and the outside. Therefore the house has living rooms at its two ends that are converted into covered terraces when the door frames are opened. The sliding doors go inside the walls, leaving a totally open space.

“We took very special care of the structural design, since the top slab is totally apparent and doesn’t have a lining, so the thermal insulation is ensured by the green roof.

“The brick wall has been designed and built very accurately to keep its smooth and continuous curves. This wall gives some privacy to the owners, but as it is ‘perforated’, it also allows for the light and views to come in.”

Planar House by Studio MK27

We’re curious, is it hard maintaining a green roof?

“Not at all, as long as it is properly conceived and built, using local species and the proper soil. Besides that, in this case it is a powerful element to keep the temperature balanced inside the house.”

Planar House by Studio MK27

In your studio, what role does green building play into your work?

“We aim to design and build projects as sustainable as possible. We are training our team of coordinating architects to become consultants of the GBC (Green Building Council) for the Reference GBC Brazil House and to create an internal process for the certification of all Brazilian residential projects of the Studio in the same reference. This house is one of our projects that will be certified.”

Planar House by Studio MK27

What do you feel is the greatest challenge when it comes to designing for environmental sustainability?

“The greatest challenge is to really change the way of thinking and building, one that has been working for decades, which doesn’t take into account environmental aspects and impacts of building industry in the planet resources.”

Planar House by Studio MK27

You can learn more about Studio MK27 and their work here.

Planar House by Studio MK27

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