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Heading to the movies? Get your tickets on Facebook

Facebook is continuing its ongoing quest to go from social network to global behemoth from which everything spawns.

The company is soon set to be your go-to location for buying movie tickets.

Mark Zuckerberg and co. are partnering with AMC Theatres in the USA to offer cinema-goers a new option when it comes to giving all their money to Disney (because between Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and colourful stories about princesses, the house of mouse owns pretty well everything).

“We know people already use Facebook to find movies to see in theatres, and purchase tickets to them,” said Swapna Joshi, Facebook’s product manager for movie ticketing.

“Today, we’re excited to add AMC as a partner. This is another way we’re working to make going to the movies fun and easy.”

As for AMC, they said they are “thrilled” to be partnering with Facebook.

“From the very beginning of online ticketing availability, it’s been our goal to make the process as simple and accessible as possible for all of our guests, and we are thrilled to further this endeavor through our partnership with Facebook, which continues to expand our guests’ choices on where they purchase tickets,” said Stephen Colanero, chief marketing officer of AMC Theatres.

The move is aimed at combating MoviePass, a business that offers unlimited chances to go to the flicks for just $9.95 per month, with 91 per cent of America’s cinemas part of their network.

(Just quietly, when the hell are we getting that here in Australia? You can’t go to one movie for less than ten bucks, let alone, as MoviePass promises, “ANY THEATRE. ANY MOVIE. ANY DAY.”)

You have to wonder, though, whether it’s part of a long-term plan on Facebook’s part to get in on the entertainment streaming business. As they note on their Facebook for Entertainment and Media page, “Two billion people visit Facebook every month, making it the most efficient way to reach large audiences for film, TV, music, news and other media.”

Keep your friends close, AMC…

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